Thursday, November 24, 2016

Exciting New Womanswear Launch "Folkloric Salamanders"

I am so excited to announce the launch of Nichloris ☘️!
For press, collaborations, or questions please email me here:
After researching and experimenting like a mad woman to find a way to make clothing for all sizes, I have finally been able to share the fruits of my labour.
☘️Each Nichloris collection will always includes motifs of endangered species with corresponding charities to raise a much needed, and otherwise neglected awareness, and re-connection to natur
☘️You will find sizes spanning from XS-4XL
This collection was inspired by folkloric costumes around the world. Each culture incorperated the nature around them by decorating their clothing and objects with similar popular shapes, such as hearts and clovers.
☘️All prints, embroidery, and beading have been created and designed in the UK exclusively by Nichloris.
☘️This season Nichloris had chosen salamanders to help aid in amphibian awareness.
☘️10 percent of profits will go to Amphibian Ark charity.
Due to the nature of Amphibians living in water and land, we have to keep a close watch. Whatever affects them will affect us very soon. Amphibian ark works hard to "Ensure the survival and diversity of amphibian species, focusing on those that cannot currently be safe-guarded in their natural environme
☘️ ☘️

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fatima sultan said...

Grate ideas good collection to decorate cloth give a outstanding look , stylish fashionable things


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