Saturday, March 29, 2014

A pastel yellow love affair

Outfit details:

Dress: 1930s pale yellow rayon with long sleeves and drop waist. Lace collar and tie
Coat: late 1950s early 1960s embroidered flowers on sleeves
Socks: pink mohair h&m
Shoes: completely clear and transparent shoes that I designed.
Gloves: 1940s knit pale yellow
Purse: a few years old swan shaped purse.  I added a chain to make it classy.
Cotton Scarf:  1940s flower print in pinks greens and blacks
Silk scarf: performing Pierrot and dancing circus men and women print
Brooch: 1920s bone angry flying goose
Ring: 1950s flower ring with orange center stone

1 comment:

intheruinsofberlin said...

the pastels are very flattering for you: lovely! xxx


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