Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daffodil field

Outfit details:

Coat: late 1950s long haired wool coat with wool pastel floral embroidery detailing the sleeves.

Blouse: 1940s hand painted cranes on silk crepe with sequin details

Trousers: stretch pin tucked cream syrup pant trouser leggings

Socks: orange stripes primark

Shoes: blue and white striped espadrilles 


Naomi Hoofmeyer said...

Bloody hell, Love, why dontcha cheer up? And didn't anyone ever tell you not to put your feet on the seats?!?

Heidi said...

Beautiful! Daffodils have the sweetest scent -and that coat, I can't believe I have it's twin! I love when that happens in vintage:)

Nicole Eymard said...

They do don't they? Haha I know it's funny that we have twin coats! I am hand this coat for so long, it always feels just right to wear in the spring!

Nicole Eymard said...

I make sure the bottoms of my feet never touch the seat just the clean part. I wasn't that happy, and it's weird to smile when you are taking self portraits, haha

Elizabeth Mackey said...

I think so too. It can come across as super cheesy :)


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