Friday, December 6, 2013

My contribution to the Holiday seasons







                              For the past years I have been TERRIFIED of the holiday season, 
                so I thought I would fight my new found phobia with festive decorations and outfits

                                                                   Outfit details:

                                 Coat: 1960s mohair gain plaid houndstooth with fur collar
                                                      Skirt: 1960s pleated wool skirt 
                                             Top: Chinese eBay turtleneck in bluish grey


Hannah said...

You look adorable as does your deer c

molly rebecca said...

you're lovely, nicole!
i might join in on your surrender to the season-- that is across the pond here-- where i am.

Elizabeth Mackey said...

Good for you! Happy holiday season sweetie:) Love mommy:)

thorne garnet said...

there's nothing creepy about that deer. You look lovely


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