Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm back!





I have been busy working on launching my label and finally I can post again!

All photos were shot by the lovely Robert le Baron
Instagram photos, video and behind the scenes were shot by Kayvan

Details about the pictures: Me and Kayvan

Outfit details:

On me:

Coat: 1980s does 1940s new look fox hunting full length red and lack coat
Hat:1940s bonnet with fur trim
Cord in braids: white and red cord from my moms valentines package
Sweater: 1970s red and white knit intarsia
Phone purse: 1960s white leather phone works
Boots: 1980s fur boots
Belt: 1950s metal
Stole: Edwardian fur creature 

On Kayvan:

Sweater coat: 1980s Austrian coat with thistles  and bees in green grey and red
Leggings: Grey knit from H&M
Scarf: Edwardian Jacquard golden fringe shawl
Shoes: Leather boots


Hannah Metz said...


Elizabeth Mackey said...

Glad to see a post :)

Nicole Eymard said...


Nicole Eymard said...

I know finally!

melina bee said...

wow, so much fur! doe sit make you feel super cozy? I inherited a red sweater with a small fox attached to it, head, paws and all. Cant' say I've ever had the balls to wear it out, though.

Jennie Mcletchie said...

Your back and looking very fabulous! That coat is amazing and I love the fur boots...xXx


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