Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Spitalfields Market Adventure



On Thursday, Kayvan and I were on the look out for a perfect military jacket.  
We started looking in Greenwich Market with no luck.  
We then headed over to Spitalfields market and made a mandatory visit to see Clare of Vintage Heaven (the name of her booth/stall at Spitalfields) 
and as usual her stall was filled with too many lovely items!!!!!!!  
When I turned the corner I met Roberto and Carolina from People of london
and they took a few pictures of my outfit, 
I hope to see them around soon!

If anyone has come across an inexpensive intricate
Mens band uniform or military jacket
please message me at

Outfit details:

Purse: 1960s - 1970s wool needle point and embroidered house purse
Dress: 1940s wool knit jersey dress with pleating vneck in chartreause 
Furs: 1930s mink with bakelies chain/attachment
Belt: 1950 metal
Coat: 1940s green wool with set in poet sleeves and sqare studs
Cape: 1960s childs green and navy paisly cape with e faux fur trim
Hair comb: 1920s bakelite hair comb with rhinestones
Boots: 1980s rabbit fur
Bracelet: 1940s square over-sized flat chain


Molly FitzGerald said...

goodness gracious! your talent is overwhelming! i am so excited to have stumbled across your blog! i love the look of your cape over your coat. best wishes...

Mancunian Vintage said...

Looks like you had a great time - love your outfit :)

Molly FitzGerald said...

new to your world and i love it!

ilovefilm85 said...

Ah you look fabulous!

lucy said...

oh heaven . your great blog i'm so glad i found you. lucyx

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Fantastic outfit! Loving the cape!

Jen said...

Your bag is killing me. I LOVE IT. Is it handmade?
As in, do you think a librarian with far too much time on her hands could create something like that?

Kelly-Marie Burdekin said...

My friend Hannah has that bag too! I have always been jealous of hers and now i'm jealous of yours too. The colour of your dress is amaze! I have been loving your adventures with Kayvan on Instagram. He is a very handsome chap. ;-) xx

Nicole Eymard said...

Thank you!

Nicole Eymard said...

This is definately one of my favorite bags!!! I hope you find one too so we can all be twins! Kayvan and I always end up meeting really cool old people, we are obsessed with them and they are obsessed with us!

Nicole Eymard said...

Hello! :)

Nicole Eymard said...

I bought it as is vintage, but I think it was originally made in a kit.

Nicole Eymard said...


Nicole Eymard said...

You are welcome anytime!

Megan said...

Have you considered finding a jacket with a good shape, fit, and color, and then customizing it? There's some pretty funky patches and such for that online.

Ahka Vintage said...

*sharp intake of breath* I NEED everyone of those pieces! Sooo stunning! I'm a big military jacket fan - the perfect one is hard to come by though.


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