Monday, November 28, 2011

Im going to sell a mini collection at Audrey Grace!

I am making a mini capsule collection inspired by birds and birds nests.  The color palette will be a twist on primary colors.  I will be using velvet and silk wool jersey to ad the perfect about of fuzzy texture.  While I was creating this mini inspiration collage and shopping for fabrics
I absolutely could not wait to see them ready to go to their new homes!!  

I will update soon with progress pictures!

My collection will be sold exclusively at Jaclyn's pop up shop called Audrey Grace 
The shop will pop up in her home town: Jackson Mississippi!  
Check out her blog for more information and to see some of my friends interviews for the shop (Hannah and Ashley ), and pop in for a visit on Dec. 17th!


Mary Van Note said...


Kailey said...

Ahh, I love how you included the Alice in Wonderland flowers! The Golden Afternoon scene is absolutely incredible ^^

Nicole Eymard said...


Nicole Eymard said...

I love that scene as well!  The colors!!! The song!  I love you Disney!


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