Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Buying fabrics and going to Barbican with KengKeng










photo (1)



Photos by: 
  KengKeng, Nicole Eymard, Pierre Eymard


Dress: 1940s velvet with colorful studs
Hat:  1930s flowers in mustard felt
Shoes:  1940s
Tights:  Red lace back seam
Ribbon:  Vintage floral
Coat:  1960s
Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)


Kailey said...

Absolutely gorgeous look - I just adore the velvet! ^^

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks I am really into velvet right now as well!  Especially the richness of cotton velvet!

Maya said...

you're all looking very fancy!

Love your little hat and dress.

Shepherds bush is so good for fabric =)

Nicole Eymard said...

Ok isn't Shepards bush a miracle?  I couldn't believe my eyes when I went there to scope out fabrics for the mini collection I am doing!  Thanks believe it or not that hat was the first vintage hat I ever bought!

mona b said...

Do you know what kind of hat KengKeng is wearing? Because I need one.

Mary Van Note said...

you guys are so cute!!!  wish i could be out and about with you!  let's skype soon!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Whoa I want to steal your coat AND the telephone purse! Where do you find such amazing accessories?? :) Gorgeous velvet dress too and I like how you and your friend match. 

Nicole Eymard said...

Yeah we need to skype soooon!

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks! I guess I have just found them over time!  Its so funny we didnt plan it (matching!)

Sewon said...

Corn tortilla tacos and lovely ladies wearing perfect little hats? This post is too good. I'm envious of your beauutiful velvet dress.

Nicole Eymard said...

Aw man thanks!, if you saw the tear in the back that came with the dress(too amazing to pass up!) you might be less jealous hahaha :)

Maple Trueheart said...

I like your mustard hat with the flowers. Is it felt? It goes so well with your red hair. Perfect autumn colours!
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple


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