Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Pre raphaelites










Kelly Marie and I went to see the "Beauty for beauty's sake" at the V&A
Which had an abundant of beautiful artork from the aesthetic movement..AKA Pre raphaelite paintings!
We not only wanted everything and to belong to this period
but we also came to the same conclusion about eachother:
 We bare  resemblance to many of the girls of the era!
A few days ago we found gold hair pieces that look esactly like the paintings...
We will be sporting these soon! ...
Pictures taken: V&A  and the Kings cross tube station
Photographed by: Kelly Marie and I

Outfit details:
Top: 1940s Nylon Jersey 1 of two pieces
Skirt: From a past Reiss collection
 Shoes: 1950s Found at beyond retro
Umbrella: 1960s amazing-ness..even has its own cover!
Hat: 1950s floral berries with flocked flower netting
Socks: Top shop current collection (ps I wouldnt reccomend  buying them..they fall off your feet)


Sewon said...

I see the resemblance! And I really love the details in your outfits, especially the purse.

Adelinesattic said...

You two are living breathing modern Pre-Raphaelite stunners!

Blue Vanilla said...

PRETTY!! Love that bag, its so detailed!
Hot Pink Day

Shop Blue Vanilla

lacunacoiled said...

You two are just gorgeous! 

Miss Rosette Brune said...

You both look stunning!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Stunning! I so love Pre Raph art! I also just discovered the V&A chennel and spent far too long watching the curator talk about that exhibition... wishing I was there now!

this is the url - http://www.vam.ac.uk/channel/ :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Both of you definitely look like you'd fit right into the exhibit, I like how you and Kelly Marie are wearing nature-inspired clothing, I adore your parasol and her purse. Your friend's hairdo reminds me of the late 19th Century Gibson Girls and also a blogger named Lauren who writes the Blooming Leopold blog!


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