Thursday, July 7, 2011

I think my mom wants me to have babies

Each outfit my mom pops into her shop 
Keeps getting cuter and utterly irresistible!!
If you have a baby/child I'm super jealous that you are able to indulge in this candy beauty!

Take a look:

The Heidi dress size 3

2T boys, cotton/linen button up handmade shirt, with hand embroidered sailboat scene

Baby girl 3mo. size, cotton lawn romper with elegant Italian organdy collar

Aren't you just dying????

Gossamer wings


Tea_for_two said...

Completely :) I can't resist baby clothes. I wander around amongst rails of them, mentally dressing the children I don't have yet. God damn, my kids are going to be too fucking chic.

Sally, Louder than Silence said...

Gahh - so cute they're making me broody! x

Nicole Eymard said...

Im right there with you! haha

Nicole Eymard said...

hehe ;)

Percyowl said...

I wish I could fit these! I can't wait to have a real dress-up doll... I mean, child :P

Billie said...

I keep buying second hand kids clothing even though I have no children and no intention of having some just now. I offer them to friends who have kids for births and birthdays. Yeah I know it sounds very 'crazy old lady' :))


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