Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All sea themed duuuh!









My new obsession is anything ceramic!  
I have become a ceramic maniac!  
When I see a new piece, it feels as though I have stumbled upon 
new land or a new species!
I went absolutely bananas when I saw this stall 
It was crammed full of ceramic beauties.
I think the stall owner wanted to place me personally in a loony bin 
He was terrified of the crazed look on my face, 
and my huge eyes boring each delicate piece!!!
I just want to crush as many as I can into powder and consume it somehow!

Pierre shared the will to lock me up

As a matter of fact 
he muttered something like 

"No money lets leave"  under his breath.


Poor Pierre

I will post my fave ceramics sooon (if you want hahah)
for example see two posts down!!!!

Pictures taken: Portobello market
Photographed by: Pierre Eymard

Outfit details:

Hat: Early 1950s coral and celluloid hat by Bes ben
Blouse: Top Shop
Shorts: Top Shop
Shoes: Floral heaven melissa
Belt: 1960s orange and gold fantastic-ness
Brooch # 1: 1950s white fish sweater guard
Brooch #2: 1930s celluloid fish set with a baby fish that was tucked in a drawer for the day


Dora said...

I found you via Miss pennydreaful Margaret.
I love your fish outfit, I am crazy for tea sets too.

D E E R said...

I can't get grip over that fish blouse. I'm so in love with your animal wardrobe! And yes I too have a ceramic problem. Tea pots, tea pots, tea pots.

Heather Davis said...

This outfit is incredibly cool! I can't believe how many vintage treasures you've collected. I especially love the fish on the belt.

Crystal Lee said...

you are a beautiful sea creature! 

Kelly-Marie said...

So beautiful! Where is this amazing place? I bet you wanted to curl right up on in there never to be seen again. :-) 
You are still killing me with the Bes Ben. Sigh. We will probably have a ceramic overload tomorrow so prepair yourself. xx

Maryvannote said...

I love those sandals!!! I've been kinda obsessed with ceramic too.  I've collected like 5 ceramic thingys in a month or so :P

Hannah said...

I love this look, the fish dress clip is amazing, and those plates and cup to your right are so cute x

Lightning heart said...

i love everything about this!

Nicole Eymard said...

I know that cup killed me too!

Nicole Eymard said...

One of the indoor stalls at portobello market

Nicole Eymard said...


Nicole Eymard said...

I have too many vintage treasures

Nicole Eymard said...

Ohh :) thanks

jade said...

That blouse looks divine on you.
:) Jade

Eve Gillies said...

You  remind me of Adele :) Both beautiful <3

Pachi said...

Beautifull and original as always :)


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