Friday, March 25, 2011

ruffly button decorations





Dress: Late 1930s moon print and crochet trim neckline
Button decorations: Early 1930s ruffle accessory 

Sadly I lost one of them that night :(


Maryvannote said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you lost one! I love those things! I guess it just means we have to MAKE some : )

dearbeatrice said...

they're so cute! good thing they look easy to make ^,^

couture inspired dresses said...

aIt was sonice to see that you arehaving a good time taking some photos together with your friends...and by the had a very cute culy hair..keep it up!.

Dakota C. Walsh said...

Gorgeous! Those 30s ruffles are incredibly adorable; sorry one went missing.
Also, I adore your style and blog so much-- I really admire the way you aren't afraid to wear delicate 30s and 40s things everyday!

ohsosophi said...

Oooh that is SUCH a good idea! Sorry you lost one :( That sucks. Hope you find another set soon to fill the void.

Rebecca said...

Those button ruffles are awesome! So sad one went missing - but at least it was out having fun, a much better way to go than dying a dusty death as unloved deadstock!

Tea For Two said...

They're very sweet :) The best way to lose something lovely is when you're too busy having fun to notice, so there's always that! x

Jennifer Rubin said...

Sadly, a fallen soldier! Man, that was such a fun night. I have those pics on my fridge so every time I go into the kitchen I can look at them. Can't wait for tonight!

Skooter said...

I love the button decoration(s)!


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