Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = Versailles + Black Swan Giveaway

We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = "Versailles"



We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = "Black Swan"





Versailles+ Black Swan


I am so excited about this giveaway!
I chose two of my favorite colors of we love colors arm length gloves
Then sprinkled my favorite vintage sequins, plastic flowers, and flower studs!!!

Who ever I draw first as the winner, chooses the pair of gloves they prefer.

Personally I love both!!!!
 (When this is finished, I'm planning tp whip up both pairs for my self...hehe!) 

See them for yourself, and spread the word!!!!

Rules To Win:

Open to international adresses

1) Must be or become a follower of my blog and facebook.  Tell me how you are following!

2) Announce the giveaway on facebook, twitter, blog, tublr, email friends...anywhere you can...
3) Which pair of gloves do you like, why, and what will be the first thing you will wear it with?
4) Post a picture of your favorite tights/gloves
5) Post your most beloved accessory, one you cant live without

Entries are closed on Wed. March 9
Two winners will be announced  Fri. March 11



Katerpillar said...

Im a follower, fab giveaway!
I also like you on facebook!
Love your blog.

Ana Paula said...

hi nicole ... this sandal (heart) is the Brazilian brand Zefferino only sells in Sao Paulo - Brazil

Tartdeco said...

These gloves are both stunning! Thank you for the giveaway!

I follow you through google

tartdeco at gmail dot com

Trendsetters said...

I Really like your blog, is cool!
I'm following you!


Mary Van Note said...

1) super follower
2) will tweet
3) umm I like BOTH! I'd wear the blue ones with my new 50s floral dress and I'd wear the red ones with a white blouse, black skirt combo
4) favorite tights: http://maryvannote.com/blog/2011/01/27/feeling-spring-in-sf/
5) my most beloved accessory right now is a vintage leopard print turban hat my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I've worn it the last 5 days straight or so. It's perfect for hiding my sick/bed hair.

Dominique said...

1. I follow you with google friend connect and just "liked" you on the FB

2. tweeted

3. I dig Versailles. I'd wear them with the knit dress I'm making, based on this vintage pattern...
http://www.etsy.com/transaction/44137474 (I'm doing it in rose with mint accents, inspired by one of your I love colors posts actually) Or my silk, butterfly print sun dress. depends how long it takes me to finish the knit dress

4. My favorite tights are easily the ones I knit for myself last fall... check it http://wrensandroses.tumblr.com/post/1153024080/falltights2

5. right now I love my "polish lady's hat" Its a felt fedora with a built in scarf turban thing. It is the only way to stay warm/keep your hat on during the winter in chicago.

sparkleneely said...

Hi darling!

~I follow you on facebook and now officially the blog, too. Love it. (I've even been honored to have been in some posts!)

~ I announced on Flickr, which automatically uploads to my facebook, too. I will tweet as well.

~ I LOVE the Black Swan gloves. I meet with a group of girlfriends every month and we get dressed up in hats and finery and go to old restaurants... so fabulous. And these would be perfect with my 1930's monkey fur coat for such an occasion.

~ Here is my photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sparkleneely/5490968132/ (I didn't describe on the photo on Flickr so people will click thru to the contest.) They are 1950's pink dotted gloves with unusual ruching, and look great bunched at the wrist or pulled up with an aurora borealis rhinestone cuff. (Which is why I love the Black Swan pair so much.) They make my fingers look long and spindly, too. The tights are actually sweater tights from Target. I've owned 1000's of pairs of tights in my life, and these are the best I've ever bought. I'm hoarding this last pair until next winter.

~ That's a tough one... 1950's leopard purse I've had since high school, all my vintage glasses and sunglasses (I can't live without them -- I can't SEE without them!) and do shoes count?... But I'll go with my engagement ring -- it was my grandmother's from the early 1930's. My grandpa had it made for her long after they were married, and it has tiny filigree bows in the setting. If I take it off for even a few minutes I get anxious, and I can't live without what it symbolizes -- my fiance and family.

Fabulous contest and fabulous you! xoxo

kittehinfurs said...

Hey there! I have been following your blog for a while now, thanks to Calivintage, but never commented thanks to my incredible lurking skillz! :(

1. Just followed you on Bloglovin and Facebook as well.

2. Just announced the giveaway on FB and Twitter!

3. I love the Black Swan pair but colourwise, I think the Versailles one is more 'me', so the Versailles pair it is! I want to wear it with this chambray ditsy playsuit I have in a similar colourway with a frilly cream blouse!

4. These are my favourite gloves. Alas, I have lost them since, on the way to getting a train to London :( http://bit.ly/gd3DB3

5. This is the accessory I can't live without. http://bit.ly/fF24OP I have it in a darker colour but I have been wearing it all winter long! http://bit.ly/dHcqb1

Heidi said...

I know I'm almost too late!!!

1. Follow you everywhere.. Creepy;) Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr...
2. I blogged.. http://ketty-doll.blogspot.com/2011/03/gloves-and-give-away.html
3. I love them both! I would wear the powder blue Versailles with one of my vintage 50's see through nylon blouses (pink, white or blue..hmmm...) my white 40's pantaloon skirt, high pink satin shoes or flat white satin embroidered shoes and a satin ballarina scarf in my hair...
The red ones I would wear with my bright yellow puff sleeved shirt, wool houndstooth wiggle skirt, black or red cincher belt, vintage 40's black pumps with bows and my black swan brooch -and red lipstick and nails for sure...
4. see 2... and I prefer stocking over tights when it's warmer;)
5. My most beloved.... my brooches! For sentimental reasons my silver and amber cherries brooch that belonged to my husbands great grandmother -and my bakelite cherries on a log...


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