Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treasures of the sea video

I am so happy!
I finally recieved my fashion show video


LincolnTaft said...

These are even better in motion...

I love the Lavender scallop blouse


hannah and landon said...

So fun to see them in action. Everything is incredible! I love the blouse/shorts outfit!

Angela Joy said...

i love seeing the pieces set to the music.

the lavender blouse is amazing...i wish i had it

Angela Joy said...

^ haha, just saw that the girl above agrees with me, the lavender blouse is so great!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo profesionalllllllllll. I am counting on you to enter my outfit competition, please, please.
Have a look in my blogsi
Un abrazo

cb said...

you did a fantastic job and the music works SOOO well with your pieces! i wish i could have been there...i have always wanted to go to the CCA fashion show but never could make it....next year i am going to plan on it :D


Anonymous said...

awesome!!! ^.^

dirtbike said...

it's better than actually being there!

you can see the details of the garments better.

these are awesome, giant lobster is still my fav.

Unknown said...

woo hoo xxxxxxxx

My Ugly Garden said...

Very nice work, Nicole.

harps said...

aww I bet you're so proud.
as others have said, it is great to see the clothes in motion.

mispapelicos said...

Where are you?????????????? I miss your posts sooooooooooo much.
Lots of love

anhela said...

I am fascinated by your blog. It´s inspiring and paradoxically, magical and real at the same time...

We want more!!! hahahahaahahha!!!

Matilde Colinas

Unknown said...

Very profesional!
A really interesting work!
Your style is funny and chic.
Regards from Madrid!


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