Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tahoe part 1 with my family

My sister created my eyeshadow look

Mom and Dad

my sister and I doing an old fashioned postcard pose

Pierre and my sister

Pierre peeking over his shoulder with a smoldering glance


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Nice to meet the whole family.

harps said...

aww you guys all look so happy. your sister did a good job with the eye makeup, and I love the floral headband. I wish I could find one in darker colours!

Unknown said...

Lush Dress x

Arielle said...

that bike contraption looks amazing! I want one just for riding through the streets here...I can only imagine how pissed all the taxi drivers would be :)

cb said...

great pictures! and your make up in the first picture...AMAZING! i love that color shadow on you!


Anonymous said...

You and your sis are so cute! Your eyeshadow is spectacular, your whole outfit really!! ^.^

reckless daughter said...

such a cute family! :)

dining room tables said...

I was surprised when I open your blog. I was very fascinated in the entire photo that you post. You have a real talent in photography. What I love the most is the first picture. I love your make up.

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos - looks like a lovely time, and your eye makeup looks stunning! your sister is quite a talent!


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