Friday, May 28, 2010

Trendy Friday

Trend forecast

Traditional matching/sets
there is just something so sexy about sets.....

Matching of colors

how to follow: 
3 colors worn in outfit or under
shoes match the hand bag (the more accessories matching the better)

matching of prints
 how to follow:
The most successful are matching similar genre prints 
ex: different floras in same color range see below:

The necklace earrings bracelet and rings
how to follow: 
It is nearly impossible to find a vintage set or modern set of jewelry.  Instead I suggest choose like items
for example all glittery geometrical jewels
all insect jewelry
all floral jewelry

imagine in the photo below nature inspired cocktail ring(s)

dream sets
Enlarged Image Haskell Seed Bead Daisies "Dog Collar" Necklace & Earrings Set
The hat the bowtie/collar that match the set of jewelry or the clothing worn

How to follow:
for example if you wear a floral printed outfit please wear textural hat or collar/bowtie

The many cocktail rings with bracelet combo are mandatory for this trend



How to follow:
an excellent choice, whether traditional (a real suit) or modern (any clothing with a matching fabric in seperates)

The most modern approach would be a button up shirt in the same fabric as a pair of shorts
or a jumpsuit



Unknown said...

Loving all the jewelry you've featured here. So pretty!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

that selection of jewelry sets is truly amazing.

happy said...

youre the perfect stylist! ! !

Cassidy said...

cocktail rings are the BEST ! i love love love rings .


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