Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kindered spirits

Musical Inspiration


I love the way jack white thinks
I love how he is constantly building a character
living a story
each album is packed with stories.

I love the ecclectic mixture
he pulls from just the right genres and historical goodies

He and I are always on the same wavelength

Everything I love written by one man:
Pre punk 60s
saloon piano
blue grass

 Jack White

Each album shows what I was about when I was listening to it
I always happend to be influenced/on the same wavelength

White Stripes 1999
First time I fell in love with Jack: st James Infirmary blues

working in an antique store with corset equipment

loved saloon everything
saloon girls

movies: Dead Man



De Stijl (2000)

Living in Europe, especially when I was visiting Amsterdam

tulip colors

sheer ruffle dress over floral

Fuits (Japan)

actual fruits




White Blood cells 2001

really deeply into Literature

19th c russia

Obsession withe french revolution

Egyptian and Roman interests

realizing written Imagery wasn't enough, and I needed something tangible, wearable

Dropped Literature and went into fashion


Elephant 2003

Deeply researched the French Revolutioin and Napoleans empire

Very obsessed with the details of Napolean's life

Visited Marie antoinets house and life frequently

started doing photoshoots with my sister http://nicole62885.livejournal.com/11866.html#cutid1


Get behind me Satan 2005

All about haunting colonial inspirations

movies that show the feelings of the moment:  The villiage, Sleepy hollow, the piano

objects of the moment: carved wood, ghosts barns, big tables, walpaper, deer, dark jewel tones with pastels, ghost towns

designers of the moment: Viktor and rolf 

embracing my red hair: http://nicole62885.livejournal.com/23757.html#cutid1

making cool necklaces for etsy:  http://nicole62885.livejournal.com/23309.html

It was also during the album I actually met Jack


Icky Thump 2007

Loved that it had both of my main heritages

Spanish and Scottish

There were bagpipes and bull scenes (Conquest)
I was fully influenced by both parts of my ancestry and visited both countried over that summer

Dead Weather
Recently (especially last year) I was heavily influenced by this
and went through  punk and rock times
alochol cigarettes partying sister with a punk boyfriend black hair

I could go on...but I will stop

So I think Ive come up with a schedual for every day 
Tell what you guys think

monday   Books from my giant book collectioin
tuesday  influencial artist/designer/musican/blogger/movies
wednesday What I would take with me to the end of the world (items from my closet)
thursday  Outfits
friday  Trend forcasting (trends that are bound to be big very soon)
saturday magazine spreads I love
sunday  Outfits


bravegrrl said...

i LOVE jack white... he is amazing. i've been listening to the two dead weather albums overandoverandover the last couple weeks :D

amy boras said...

i'm looking forward to your upcoming posts! i always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

Sunny Buick said...

I love your blog! I'm so glad you're going to posting more, I'm hungry for more.

harps said...

I love this post because a) Jack is always great to look at/listen to, and b) because I learnt a lot about you too! It is fascinating to see the way your style has developed.
Have you read Sandra Gulland's 'The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B'? I finished it a few months ago, thoroughly enjoyable, I think you'd like it.

Caitlin said...

I am the partying sister with the punk boyfriend! hahah you go girl!

frauz said...

i LOVE your red hair...so much that i want to copy it.

Lauren T. said...

You should check out this months American Vogue. It features him and his wife in absolutely breath taking shots.


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