Sunday, December 13, 2009

The beginning of the end


this semester was all about deciding what my final collection will come to be.
For our final this semester we had to present two outfit that might be part of the collection
and illustrations of the rest of the collection
along with samples of techniques that will be on future garments.
we also had to shw the color story and fabrics.

Treasures of the sea explained:

Visually I was inspired by sea life (crabs lobsters sand water) and objects(sea glass etc.) that wash up on the shore. My techniques were inspired by vintage millinery and purse techniques.
I believe that both go well together becasue theya re both impermanent.

For example some hat making techniques require hand sewing stitches that can easily be removed and changed around. And the treasures of the sea will not always be there. If you like the shell or the way the sand is forming, you had better grab/or take a picture quick.

I love the beauty of impermanence!


curcle skirts


molding felt
pin tucks
rhinestones on plastic
exciting linings

Lobster peplum top.
Lobster is hand molded
pleated tulle is hand pleated around the lobster
peplum top has a v waistline

Matching skirt
faced with a grosgrain ribbon inside
hem is purposefully irregular.

Rain coat
seams will be covered by red tape and have rhinestones all over it!
rhinestone zipper
hand molded resin crab zipper pull
asymetrical hem
flat in the front and full in the back
shell pockets
asymmetrical collar

felt shell vest
asymmetrical dress underneath with rhinestone buttons at the neck

All the linings with be pointillism crab prints
as well as one dress and one shirt

tights will have rhinestone seams down the back

I am planning on making lobster claw and shell hats

I am also planning on making a raincoat material or resin purse

My collection is also a ode to my beloved Schiaparelli

And on to the pictures:

I always dress to match my projects
here is what I wore

1950s wicker umbrella purse that opens on two sides like a picnic basket!
1930s crab brooch

I will show my portfolio in the next post
...... until then CRITIQUE ME! All of your feedback is very helpful :)


Eline said...

I really love all the silhouettes and colours but most of all I love how the sea life isn't only represented in the AWESOME lobsters and crabs and such on the dresses but how it's also represented in the shapes and colours! LOOOOVE ittt.

harps said...

oh wow, you've really been working hard! I love the raincoat with rhinestones, and the little crabby zipper pull. I love details like that.

Your outfit is incredible too. That bag is beyond amazing, and I love the pink dress/jacket? so cute.

Liz OT said...

Everything looks absolutely marvelous. I keep re-scrolling again and again. The details are superb.

Marmelindela said...

I love this. It looks very well made and gorgeous. It totally makes me want to wear a huge lobster on my shoulder! I really like the drawings as well, it will be a great collection! Good luck with it!

And your umbrella purse thing is brilliant.

Yours Truly, x said...

It looks like you've paid a real attention to detail - I can't wait to see what becomes of those fabrics pinned on the board! the lobster is gorgeous and the palette is delectable!

Might be SO obvious but have you considered looking at Else Schiaparelli for further inspiration?

Your structuring reminded me of her work.

Good Luck! x

Isabel said...

This collection is going to be IMMENSE!

sweetmilkky said...

I would die to have that raincoat.

Caitlin said...

OH WOW! it's soo cute! I like the lobster with the little ruffle on it!!!! and i like your umbrella purse :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your illustrations! The style of them is exciting...

Sam said...

You are amazing. You are just plain amazing.

Coco said...

Amazing! Ohh... How Talented you are Mademoiselle Fashion Forestry! I love your sea inspired items and your matching outfit is precious!

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

Cassidy said...

everything you make is fantastic .
i'm loving it all so far ! <3

The Village Idiot said...

i am in love with the lobster!!!
for my senior thesis at design school- i chose elsa schiparelli as my "muse" and i incorporated birds and fish (i was an accessory major).
i have a feeling you know who she is. :)
your collection is really great

Melissa D said...

The above person has mentioned Elsa Schiaparelli, and HAD to comment because I have always thought you were very similiar in tastes and invention to Elsa Schiaparelli! I've been looking at your blog for a while, and I am always always so happy to see your very amazing ideas! You have excellent personal style. I appreciate your work alot, and your creativeness.
Godspeed =]

PS- Were I rich, (which i may be in the future so keep an eye out) I would buy practically every one of your creations, starting with the rhinestone raincoat. More kudos to you, because I can't shut up about it. =]


temp agencies said...

I think I’m going to love this collection I can’t wait to see it.

Condo Makati said...

The crab sea shell inspired collections are gorgeous. I was just looking at the sketches and I think it will be beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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dezmembrari auto said...

collective interest. And those pictures ... Where you have. Very beautiful. I hope you succeed in what you propose

Vivi's Best said...

fabulous! i love love.


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