Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My little fashion show

I had a little fashion show

Which included school projects from past semesters
(This is not my final collection that I continue to slave over!)

I had fun styling each outfit with my accessories

(I have done photoshoot already with most of the outfits. You can see the previous shoot here )

here is the video

(face outfit photo is missing)

Backstage fun


Moni said...

Great collections, I want it all.

inthemovies said...

You are your own best model- in my opinion. the outfit you wore is ultra cute!!!

Anonymous said...

i love your collection! i would buy every single piece! ! ! ! ! ! !

Clairegeit said...


I especially love the one with the pink lizard.

hannah + landon said...

this is terrific! you look incredible!

Shannon said...

where was this? i like that black one...

Eline said...

LOVE your use of colours and quirky details!

bountý said...

such an adorable fashion show!

smilla said...

Wow! nice! And you look great!


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