Monday, November 2, 2009


My costume


1 1930 halloween coat with moon and star appliques
2 thigh high boots
1 plum lipstick
1 spider hat (at the moment lost in a random bar)-----found it!
7 rat bracelets
4 faux minks

= sorceress

Pierre's cotume


1 edwardian robe smoking jacket
2 bone hand gloves
1 elm street esque hat

= conjured spirit

The sorceress and the conjured Spirit

Costumes I liked

Happy belated Halloween


harps said...

ooh I love the rat bracelets and Pierre's jacket. You lost your hat? :(

Isabel said...

Your costume is super epic, and I love the Ronald McDonald one too!

Anonymous said...

the best i've seen so far- i looove rats ;)))

msfrankenstein said...

Sweeter than sweet !!!:)

calivintage said...

oh dear, that sexy ronald mcdonald is terrifying!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nicole :)

Looooove your blog-you have some very interesting ideas :)
Thanks for posting my picture :*

See you around

Lena, aka Ronald McDonald

melly said...

Those rat bracelets are so cool and creepy at the same time!

Ulrika said...

haha, love it!

Victoire said...

What are the girls with the water balloons supposed to be?

Unknown said...

harps: found the hat luckily!

Victoire: they are supposed to be a bag of jelly beans

everyone: thanks!!

Anna G said...

I love your costume. Btw, you have an amazing look. You're hair is so cute.

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

amazing costumes, love the faux fur trims! and like the TV remote :)
We'll be back!
Come take a sneaky peek&follow us at TBAG! Hope you had a lovely weekend.


elena-lu said...

ha that bridge is awesome! haha i didnt get the jelly bean girls till i read the comment!

hannah, heart city said...

you are beyond awesome. and is that girl really sexy ronald mcdonald???


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