Friday, May 15, 2009

The ususal

I finally have fully relaxed 

Now I can do whtever I want

Im working on some dresses and tops 
they will be up soon!

This summer I have to work on 
next years final collection
Im scared and excited


IMG_7599 by you.IMG_7595 by you.IMG_7594 by you.

IMG_7547 by you.IMG_7540 by you.

upclose of the shoes

Mod Carpet Sandals, Size 8 - 8.5

favorite new blouse

IMG_7442 by you.
IMG_7425 by you.
IMG_7417 by you.


Jessicaisgoo said...

Those sunglasses are lovely.

Lightning Heart said...

oh wow, those shoes are fantastic!

Ashley B ;-) said...

Where did you find those ruffly shorts! They are absolutley Fabulous!!!!!

Shannon said...


the glasses and the shoes and general sunny-ness and yay.

school's out for summer
school's out forever

monika said...

The cut on the first dress is adorable!

april said...

Those glasses are out of control!

harps said...

oh my gosh, so much to love. Firstly, those ruffle shorts are TOO cute. Secondly, love the hand brooch. And finally, loving all the coral/salmon colours used! I'm not a pink kind of girl, but keep finding myself drawn to pale coral shades these days.

oni said...

everything is so freaking perfect! the glasses are a dream come true. And those shorts are brilliant

Moni said...

You have the most amazing wardrobe. In lust!

...the who cares girl... said...

those flowered shoes...! yeah!

PrickigKatt said...

I absolutely adore your look. You are gorgous. I found your blogg the day before yesterday, and I felt so happy and hopeful. Your clothing is so playful, yet seriuos, with (what I feel) a porpouse. i showed one of my friends your page and we just sat there giggling of joy and inspiration. Ah, we could feel creativity thru the screen. Lovely. i´m putting you in our "sweety-box", where we put people that are beautiful and inspiring. I will look at you when i feel sad, and then, oooops, i will feel better again.
Take care you!
Peace from Sweden!

Natalie Creed said...

I love the fabric. Where do you find such old fabric?


Anonymous said...

just want to let you know that you and your sister are by fa the cutest people on the face of the earth. you have perfect bodies and the best style of my life. never ever doubt yourself ok?

Neira said...

I love that salmon pink color! cute!


Isabel said...

I adore those glasses! Your style is super unique. Keep on keepin' on.


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