Friday, May 1, 2009

Last projects

The birds and bees glove box

fringed the paper
made clear box
make grass edge box
make the flowers
designed the prints
printed the prints on organdy
made the little bees
made the glove and bow tie patterns

here it is:

IMG_6802 by you.IMG_6791 by you.IMG_6803 by you.IMG_6794 by you.IMG_6788 by you.IMG_6816 by you.IMG_6804 by you.IMG_6806 by you.IMG_6814 by you.IMG_6805 by you.IMG_6815 by you.IMG_6809 by you.IMG_6813 by you.

an outfit
that could certainly
go with any of the
gloves/bow ties

IMG_6702 by you.IMG_6688 by you.IMG_6709 by you.

Miniature screen printing fun

IMG_6101 by you.
IMG_6112 by you.IMG_6111 by you.IMG_6107 by you.IMG_6113 by you.IMG_6106 by you.IMG_6105 by you.IMG_6104 by you.IMG_6103 by you.IMG_6102 by you.

the tired artists at work

IMG_6109 by you.

The visual of my installation
of my conceptual piece

IMG_6759 by you.


Elizabeth said...

OMG those glove are amazing Nicole!! Fabulous job. They came out just like you described them. Love the dress you are wearing in that one picture too, very cute :)

Lightning Heart said...

i've always wanted to try screen printing, it looks great!

megan said...

The yellow canary fabric is so cute!


EzmereldaQ said...

YOU are SO freaking RAD. THE END.

patriflux said...

that gloves are soooo imaginative!! you have great taste on fabrics and textures! love love love!
and that hat looks made of popcorn! sooooo fun! hahahahha

kisses from spain!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing :)

ZombieLace said...

Love it all! Those gloves are so cute that for the first time with a piece of clothing, I am torn as to weather I want to wear them or put them into an aquarium and feed them cotton balls and thread and keep them as pets :~)

kimvee said...

The hat is just darling :)

Natalie Creed said...

Eep its all so pretty, I love the gloves. I make gloves as well, have a look!


Anonymous said...

Cute, fun, brilliant, CREATIVE !

Anonymous said...

As always you are a true inspiration. xo

Location: said...
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Pierrito said...


Madeline said...

love your outfit. you're so creative super cool projects

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole!

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