Monday, December 5, 2016

The research behind the latest luxury Botticelli collection

I drew most of my inspiration for this collection from Botticelli's paintings and historical flower arrangements.  I was especially enamoured by the few flowering plants that make their way out of the snow.  I think there is something mysterious about tiny flowers dotted  amongst a frosted snowy field.  I'm hoping to come across this in my visit to Scotland for Christmas.  Stay tuned for pictures!   

1) Maria Santisima de la Victoria 
2) Madeira Embroidery on Organdy  
3) Japanese textile design 
4) Munting 1696 Folio H/Col Botanical. Clematis Passionalis Flore. Passion Flower 
5) Flora (Chloris) the goddess of flowers,nPrimavera, BOTTICELLI 
6) Diamond Flower Tiara of Queen Amelie of Greece 7) 1550s Catherine de' Medici (1519-89), Queen of France (1547-59) after Clouet 
8) François Hubert Drouais (French, Paris 1727–1775 Paris)


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Silken threads and silken flosses
Here must play their parts, as well.

Our desert, not over-rated.
Seems to us assured and clear
For by art we've fabricated
Flowers that blossom all the year.

Every sort of coloured snipping
Won its own symmetric right :
Though your wit on each be trippin,
In the whole you take delight.

We are fair to see and blooming,
Garden-girls, and gay of heart ;
For the natural way of woman
Is so near akin to art..."

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