Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is my all time favorite hobby. 

 Sometimes I go into them for entertainment and or therapy.

  I even dress up, and have special grocery outfits, and hats! 

 Im pretty sure it has to do with all the beautiful colors and later flavors I must consume for survival. 

 There is something very interesting and magical about loving something that is mandatory in life.  Small corner stores are always an adventure because of the always hidden jewels and certain specialities depending on the origin of the owner.  Huge supermarkets can be fun to drown in all the choices, pop culture, and the unneeded battle of offensive sale signs.  Local outdoor markets are exciting too and have their own special charm, to me it can have the same vibe as having a couture dress made!  

Today I had the luxury to go to all three, and I chose all my favorite items.

Im going to miss my soon to be old neighbourhood, 

and I plan to enjoy the rest of my time frequenting the huge variety of choices accessible everyday


thorne garnet said...

I love to go to grocery stores when I'm on vacation. Different city, different country, you find cool things to make into a picnic.

Hannah said...

I like smaller shops too, and the occassional trip to the bigger supermarkets. So glad you wear hats food shopping xx

fashion and beauty said...

looking cool

Masha said...

I LOOOOVe grocery shopping too. I love food, the healthy kind, veggies always fill up my cart, beans, lentils, grass fed beef. It is so much cheaper to by fresh produce than all that junk they sell in boxes. It is not even food. I, too, dress up for it. You look very beautiful.


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