Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanksgiving rejection + a new friend











I have delayed my thanksgiving post until now because the 20 people I invited didn't come.
It was pretty sad because I spent the whole day cooking with Morgan 
along with the full previous day shopping for everything.
Everything was gluten free and so Morgan and I were honored to share our gluten free feast with fellow celiac and vintage lover: Ruby who festively came as a turkey!

Outfit details:
Hat: paper turkey made by me haha
Dress: 1960s pilgrim-esque black and white dress


Carla Fox said...

That is so sad!! The feast you prepared was beautiful and no doubt delicious. Your giving spirit never fails to shine no matter what you do:)

Anna Jane Searle said...

Some friends they sound. How rude is that of them not to come or even telephone. I would have loved to of come too a meal like this. Everything looks so beautiful in presentation. I love Gluten free food too.

Nicole Eymard said...

Actually some of them called but very last minute. Only 3 of them had good excuses. Thanks!

Nicole Eymard said...

Aww thanks

Joelle Smith said...

I'm sorry girl.. people can be so careless sometimes. Those brussel sprouts look amazing and so do all your paper hats! There loss!!

thorne garnet said...

Too bad for the people who didn't show up, the food looks amazing( except the brussel sprouts, can't stand 'em) I never get invited to Thanksgiving, I end up cooking for The Doctor and the cats. Merry Christmas!

liliesandremains said...

Oh man, regardless of who you are & where you live, eventually everyone has a birthday or holiday like this. It seems you shook it off - which is the way to go! What else is there to do but eat up, be fab, and say $&@# it. Hopin your Xmas will be better!!

Xo sara

Lavenderlemon said...

Oh I love that nutty squirrel . I wish I had him ! Also love that chief pillow :)

Babes in Thriftland said...

Wow, sounds kind of rude. I've had parties where people just don't show and it really hurts. The meal looks fabulous. Take solace in knowing that you were kind and generous enough to host even if people didn't come.

Mary said...

Your spread is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could have been there! So glad to see you hanging with Ruby who I've loved following on Instagram. Miss you!!! Have a Merry Christmas!

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

Awesome! What a feast! I cannot believe 20 people were no-shows. I would have flied across the world to make it. It's like a cornucopia of goodies. Happy new year! :D

gerard smith said...

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Ruby Armoire said...

Everything in your home (including its inhabitants, give Clementine a pat from me!) is ridiculously beautiful and the eats were incredibly delicious. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving :)

Ruby xx

Jonathan Alverio said...

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