Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The epic western blouse












Western blouse: 1940s embroidered Native American and a moose (elk) scene 
Jumper pinafore: 1960s faux suede, I added beautiful 11930s 1920s  bakelite buttons with carved leaves
Shoes1960s green suede lace up with cut outs and square toes ~ From: Spitalfields market at the vintage heaven booth
Tights: orange rust colored knit from H&M


LatrishaBrown said...

I love it all! The buttons on the pinafore are lovely!

Crystal Lee said...

These colors look great on you. Of course, I adore your whole get up, but the epic western shirt is just the coolest. I like your new hair-do too!

Laurence Brucker said...

Amazing shirt!!!! I also love those Arlequin curtains!!!!!!!!!

Janine at Guermantes Vintage said...

girl your hair looks SO good like that

Hannah Metz said...

haha, I love you. That top is amazing! I love it with the jumper and even more without it! hehe

ilovefilm85 said...

That is indeed an epic shirt x

mary van note said...

rad shirt. I love your jumper. I've been obsessed with jumpers and have been searching for one for myself

Nicole Eymard said...

There was this rayon one on ebay i was ready to buy and someone bought it an hour before, i was heartbroken. I was even in contact with the seller and they were going to give me a discount, and gave it to the random person!!!! ahhh

Nicole Eymard said...

Hehe I dont know what I would do without it, I wear it way too often!

Nicole Eymard said...

Heheh I thought it was a good idea to show it off by taking it off ahah

Nicole Eymard said...

aww thanks, I like the curtains a lot too but I really need to find some warm ones for winter, because last winter it was too freezing

Nicole Eymard said...

Its fun to straighten and style my hair, but it takes sooo long, so sadly I wont be able to do it that often :I

Nicole Eymard said...

Thank you!! Those buttons have been re sewn on so many of my clothes, they really get around!


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