Monday, May 28, 2012

Morgan Bajardi's op art dress





I couldn't wait to share with you some work from my friend Morgan Bajardi
Morgan designed, hand made the textile print, 
draped (for the first time..I think she did great!), 
and hand sewed this dress.  
The optical illusion plays with the shape of the female form on a flat surface.  
She created other print with beautiful shapes and color ways.  
There is one color/shape combination in particular that I am dieing to get my hands on!!!!!!
I was a little sick when we did this mini shoot, but deadlines are deadlines...

Qeue up and put your orders in ladies! ;)


Sara H said...

This dress looks really nice! :) And by the way, you have so cute hair!

Caitlin said...

That's really cool! I like it! Your legs look really pretty in the first picture!!

Mei Sim Lim said...

love the dress x 

Elizabeth Mackey said...

Really cool dress!  I agree with Caitlin, your legs look fab in that first picture, but then again, when do they not!! Caitlin and I were remembering yesterday, how it is always a treat to hug you because you always smell divine.....sigh, I miss that!

Maryvannote said...

really cool dress!  

Pullyoursocksup said...

Oh yes, I love the optical illusion over the boobies and your head gear is superb!  Hope you start feeling better soon:)) x

Fashion Forestry said...

I'm already on the way to recovery thanks!

Fashion Forestry said...

It's amazing isn't it?

Fashion Forestry said...

Haha aww come here sooon

Fashion Forestry said...

Aww thanks

Fashion Forestry said...

Oooooh thankssss

Fashion Forestry said...


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The Clothes Maiden said...

oh my!! marry me :) xo 

Nicole Eymard said...

hahah aww ;)

Shannon Richter said...

i love it
i always get the best comments when i wear my morgan designed stuff 


Mrs D said...

Beautiful dress!


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