Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Green in Paris











In Paris at the museum of Manufacture des Gobelins and Pied de Cochon

Taken By: 
Pierre Eymard

Outfit details: 
Coat: Hand printed butterflies on a thick felt coat (actual felt!)
Cape: 1960s-70s childrens cape with fur trimed hood!
Dress: 1940s with gold open studs
Hat: 1950s green flocked millinery flowers and rhinestones from: karen elmquist vintage
Scarf: 1940s floral heaven
Belt: Gold 1980s
Purse: 1920-30s Eskimo with baby on back
Brooch #1: Victorian 3 deep navy beaded bird heads on a cream beaded disk
Brooch#2: 1950s turban person with floating moving rhinestone eyes!! and glitter turban!
Shoes: 1980s fur goodness
Eye Shadow: Illamasqua


Maryvannote said...


Meg Eileen Carroll said...

so cool! You fit right in with Paris, so chique! The green ensemble is stunning. I love all the elements to the outfit.


Elizabeth Mackey said...

Oh my god, remember out dinner at Pied de Cochon with granddad and Susan?!!! Was it any good this time around?

Hannah Metz said...

Oh that dress. You & Paris were meant to be! xx


Always soooooooooooooo gorgeoussssssssssssssss

Kelly-Marie said...

Oh my God! That Chandelier! <3 xx

Nicole Eymard said...

I think I created Paris in another life...

Nicole Eymard said...

It was really good, but I feel it became super commercial, I was obsessed by the interior and stared at everything until Pierre dragged me out.

Nicole Eymard said...

Haha I piled it on, which is a weird winter ritual of packing my clothes when I travel.

Nicole Eymard said...

Love you!!!!!!!!

Dreamlander said...

I have been reading your blog for years now, but never left a comment (so shy of me). Well, I just wanted to say that I hope you'll keep posting because I love your style and really enjoy reading your blog. It's like visiting Wonderland or smth. :)
Voila. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Paris!

Ulla-Marie said...

poetic images

Ulla-Marie said...

poetic images

Nicole Eymard said...

Aww thanks :)

Nicole Eymard said...

I knooooooooooooooooow!

Kailey said...

Guh - these pictures are all gorgeous! I'm in love with the background in the first few pictures in particular *__*

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