Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bohemian Bisoux Vintage giveaway!! 3 chances to win!

Bohemian Bisoux Vintage  Giveaway!
3 chances to win:
First winner $75 
Second winner$50 
Third winner $25 

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1) Must be or become a follower of my blog.  Tell me how you are following!

2) Announce the giveaway on facebook, twitter, blog, tublr, email friends...anywhere you can...
3) Give details of your funniest and or most  intersting  New Years Eve story
4)   Funniest New Years eve resolution you have ever heard.

Entries are closed on Tues. 13th of Dec. 
Two winners will be announced  Fri.16th of Dec.



Lisa Nelson said...

I follow your blog through Google Follower.  I found your blog through Fancy Fine!

Butterflies and Daisys Vintage 

tjharbold said...

I follow your blog through Google blogger and I found it through the incomparable Vintage Vixon. My funny New Year's story is that we live in "Dills"burg Pennsylvania, USA. Every year for the New Year's Eve countdown, we drop a Giant Pickle! Yes, I said a pickle (as in Dill Pickle). Not as funny as Falmouth Pennyslvania that drop a goat (a stuffed animal goat, not a real one).

Danielle said...

1) I follow your blog via GFC!  I love it! :)

Danielle Villano

Mary Van Note said...

Hi!!!  NYE last year where I got super drunk with Fashion Forestry!  And we spent most of the evening with post-it notes on our heads. 

Danielle said...

2) My best New Year's Eve? I spent it at a friend's dorm in New York City.  We got to watch the whole Times Square crowd parade down the street after the ball had dropped!  We saw lots of people with funny hats, people wearing lots of glitter and sequins, and even a marriage proposal!  The best part?  They were all outside freezing, and we were inside toasty-warm :P


Danielle Villano



Danielle said...

3) Funniest resolution I've heard?  A friend declared that she'd stay 29 for another year!





Andrea K said...

Hello! I actually came across your blog yesterday via Bohemian Bisoux's own site.  I am now following you on Blogger, and you can see my post about the contest here:

My most interesting New Years Eve was spent on a mount in the Ozarks. It was 1999, and my parents wanted to do something special to ring in the new millennium. We'd inherited a tiny house  in a tiny Missouri town, where rolling hills were the only landscape for miles. My parents decided that we would venture into those hills for the celebration.
My mom packed us sparkling cider, crackers, and (my favorite) cherry cordials as my dad hitched a small trailer to his old four wheeler. I helped wrap my two younger sisters in blankets, and the four of us got onto the trailer, huddling together and giggling in anticipation as dad drove us into the wild.
By this time it was dark, and the four wheeler's lights cast eerie shadows in the forest around us. I actually found myself frightened for a bit as we zoomed up a trail, further and further from civilization and into the unknown. But we soon reached the top of the mount, and my mood changed. Dad  had taken us to a grand, rocky overlook with a view of both the town and a seemingly infinite stretch of wilderness.
My parents built a bonfire and we clung to the heat around it, roasting marshmallows and reminiscing on the year. Midnight snuck up on us, but when it did, it was glorious. The town below us began to burst with light as a fireworks show exploded into the air. Though I was usually scared of loud noises I watched it, mesmerized and happy in the cold night air.

I'm tempted to say that the funniest resolution I've ever heard was me promising to work out more. Nyuk nyuk nyuk. I did like Jim Gaffigan's past resolution: "My new years resolution for 2010? I will be less laz". I also like the Joey Adams quote, "May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions!"

Siilentii27 said...

Im a GFC follower!

Caitlin Shearer said...

Hi Nicole!

I'm following your blog. :) via blogspot.&An interesting new years eve could have been two years ago when i went out in a handmade dress made of fabric covered in cherry red kisses, saw bands,talked about aliens for hours and ran all the way home from the bus stop yelling limericks about David Duchovy and the x-files. heh. Much champagne had been consumed.

Lisa said...

Hello, I am following your blog through google friend connect.

My best New Years was spent here in Portland with my friends. All winter my friend Anney and I had been hanging around in the living room drinking mimosas with the furnace blasting and dancing around singing along with a Cyndi Lauper cassette tape. We thought that we had managed to put together a pretty impressive performance. On New Years everyone was dancing in the living room and Anney and I agreed that we would rather dance to Cyndi Lauper than Lady Gaga. While we were trying to figure out how to find Cyndi Lauper on the MP3 player "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" came on in the shuffle. We couldn't believe that this one song out of ALL OF THE SONGS IN THE WORLD would come on in this moment and began jumping up and down screaming. We agreed that 2010 was going to be a magical year. Thanks Cyndi.

My funniest New Years resolution was to make more BBQ sauce.

Tartdeco said...

I follow through GFC

Steph @ Tart Deco
tartdeco at gmail dot com

Christinegordillo said...

Hellooo:) I've been following you through google reader, as well as the old school way...typing in your url whenever I'm not signed into google..

My most interesting New Year's Eve was last years. It was spent at an all night diner in Los Angeles with my 2 closest girl friends,with glasses of champagne & the most delicious apple pie . We talked & laughed the evening away, then finished it off with karaoke bar hopping. We by chance ended up meeting some dapper fellows that kept us company until the clock stroke 12. Simple kisses may or may not have been exchanged. But the 3 of us did end up back at my apartment, dying each others hair & playing charades in our robes. Another bottle or two of bubbles may have been consumed. It was a rather lovely way to bring in the new year. Looking forward to what we'll accomplish this new year's eve.

I think the silliest I've heard is always my father's. He always says he wants to follow through with a promise to my mother on not leaving the empty milk carton in the fridge. Simple, yes. Silly, maybe.


Alicia said...

Hi there! I follow your blog (a favorite) through Google Friend Connect and read it through Google Reader. My most interesting New Years Eve story was when my husband proposed! We had dinner reservations at a cozy little restaurant we had yet to try, but he told me he wanted to pregame at our apartment first. He put on my favorite 60s ye-ye music, made up a beautiful cheese and fruit platter (which is reminding me of how hungry I am right now), sat me down on my favorite velvet Victorian settee, presented me with a handmade art book of abstract paintings and thoughts on our relationship, and then - after all that! - got down on one knee and proposed (with a beautiful 30s ring). I doubt any New Years will top that! Hopefully that is not too mushy, wow.


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