Monday, October 17, 2011

Running away to the circus in my front yard















Pictures taken by: Pierre and myself
Pictures taken in: My front yard, which became the Zippos circus

Outfit details:
Dress: Topshop...still available in some sizes here
Crown: Beaded from the 1930s


Elizabeth Mackey said...

Parakeets!!!!!!! :)

Caitlin said...

super cute! I wish I saw it in person :D

Rebecca Kummerfeld said...

Such amazing shots!! I'm uploading those ones we took now... will get them to you asap!

Heather Davis said...

Oh, wow, these photos are so awesome! My uncle used to be a ringmaster, and my family would go to the circus every time he was in town. However, his circus didn't have parakeets!! This must have been great to watch!

Annajanesearle said...

You dress so eccentric and so cool. I love your hair as well, I would die to have red hair. I'm very much into vintage myself and I love the crown you are wearing. If your ever interested in illustration and embroidery you may like my things here on my blog and my flickr
I have recently got into mail art swapping. It is so much fun. So if you would like to do that just give give me a bell. 

Harriett Henderson said...

I think I saw you on bacon street the other day. I was on bike waiting to meet a friend so I was busy busy busy but next time I shall have to say hello! Wonderful pictures by the way the one of you with the pony is adorable. 

Coco said...

oh wow, you look so appropriate! <3

Miss Meadows said...

Lucky you - with a circus in your own front yard! When I was little I wanted to run away with a circus. Later I found out my great grandfather had been working at a circus, with big cats! I guess it's in my blood... :)

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