Friday, December 10, 2010

Armadillo purse and armadillo belt buckle

Hat: 1960s paisley turban from la meow vintage
Coat:  1960s floral carpet coat
Dress: 1960s floral print, I embroidered a little face on the chest
Purse: 1980s armadillo print stuffed animal purse
Tights: we love colors 
Shoes: clustered grape bells chain strap eyelashes, lips, and beads.  From: Top shop
Bracelet: Mariam Haskell
Bow earrings: 1940s pretty vintage jewelry
Eyeshadow: Color mixed my self with aquarelle by Make Up Forever


Mandi Johnson said...

Girl, you are simply the most. I don't think I've ever commented before, so this is long overdue! But I adore your fashion sense and your crazy cool purses. :)

Vintage Hawke said...

The bag! The shoes! AMAZING! The coolest Armadillo i've ever seen what a sweet find. Love your blog & your style it's so much fun! xx Anna

Unknown said...

where on earth do you find all these amazing things? I feel like you are sneaking into attics and taking all the best before it can get into anyone else's hands.


Chandra said...

On the show "Hoarders" a woman bought the same exact purse. Hilarious!

Helga said...

Freakin' fantastic,possibly my favourite get up of your yet!!!
Just what I needed to see as I get ready to go to Rocky Horror tonight-with Richard O'Brien as the Narrator!!marvellous.....

Emily Rose said...

forget bout your armadillo.. look at that jacket!! itsa maybe the bet thing i have ever seen. tapestry is my favorite kind of bag, and so it only seems fitting that i must steal this from you! you are the best at mixing patterns too by the way :)

Anonymous said...

you have the most beautiful and unique vintage pieces ever!! the coat is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

that purse is not from the 80s, i bought one in college in 2004.

Solanah said...

Fantastic coat, love the colors!


The Village Idiot said...

those shoes are amazing! actually this whole look is amazing!
i second naomi- you have the best stuff

melina bee said...

um... dying. this outfit is too cool.


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