Friday, June 18, 2010

Three musketeers and buying stuff I like

I'm so excited to show you guys this find! 

Two piece (blouse and skirt)

3 musketeers dress

It has 
hats on the bust
writing all over
and oh yeah a border of the 3 men themselves

I accessorized with
a 50s curly hat
and a 50s basket purse from the flea market

So I would like to not only show you the amzing things I have
but the amzing things that you could have
I have created a new tumblr 
where I will post all the cool items I find on the internet
I thought that this would kind of be 
my own show/service to you
I feel like I don't get to use my researching skills enough
so you guys can be the guinea pigs and tell me if you like this idea
if you guys would like me to find certain things in particular
tell me!!!
(click ask me anything on the top of the page)


Holly said...

I love love love your blog. Your wardrobe and sense of colour and style are incredible, and I find you so inspiring, especially as an antidote to the bland 90s obsessed looks that are everywhere else. You rule.

cb said...

love the dress! super this might be kinda creepy but i remember you from CCA. I graduated in 2009 in the interiors program. i work in the SF design center and take the 10 bus to get there and would see you on the always look fabulous and have inspired me to step out of my fashion comfort zone.


Miss Soggy Smog said...

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! Thank you!!!! Awesome! Also, love your outfit of course! You are beautiful and I love your poses :)

calivintage said...

HOLY CRAP! how many times have i come to your blog and had some sort of exclamation over some crazy good vintage find?! loves it.

Lindsey said...

That dress is AMAZING. If only I could find one with a Wuthering Heights theme.

Anonymous said...

You are ubelievable. I love , love the dress: those hats and the people in the material...well I have not words.
I do adore you and your make up. I shall copy it tomorrow ,he, he.
You are such an inspiration...WOWWWWWWWWWWW
Un abrazo guapa!!!

Sewon said...

I love that your make-up matches your outfit perfectly. And that tumblr idea is really great. You should totally keep it up!

Liz OT said...

I have a huge soft spot (I'm pretty sure it takes up 92.83% of my being) for box-bag, and that one is no exception. It's just. GAH. No words.

As ever, you look amazing.

Helga said...

Outstanding accessorising for a fabulous outfit!I especially love the mungo poses!

Anonymous said...

your dress, the shoes, the eyeshaddow, too cute\!


Jenni said...

Best dress ever! I love it!

Anonymous said...

so pretty! You have very cute/ unique vintage pieces, you're a very lucky girl!! ^.^

Holly said...

The blue bag is just lovely!!!!!!!! I so wanna have it, but we don't have nice flea markets here in Hong Kong...sigh...

Rebecca said...

Three Musketeers dress is awesome! Where do you find these great things? The researching thing sounds like a great idea.

Emma Hoareau said...

loving the old school vibe!

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

girl, i like your style.
everything about the outfit and you are perfect.
love it:)

xoxo merissa

Anonymous said...

omg please doo it. i love your cloth + blog <3

reckless daughter said...

could I love this outfit more? I don't think it's possible! it's so great!

My Ugly Garden said...

What a fantastic outfit! Love it.


a very nice vintage dress here!!

Lou said...

Perfection as always. You either have it or you dont.

Unknown said...

love your bag here! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful bag. I like your blog so I follow.

Follow me, Adam


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