Monday, September 7, 2009

When there were no posts I was....

I was busy this summer getting ready for my final collection

this is my last year of school

I had to work on 3 collections:

Liz Claiborne (to win money for CFDA)

And two of my choice, that could become my final collection

I was critiqued last week

It would be fabulous if everyone reading this would also critique :)

Keep in mind that these need to be developed further for the runway (these showns would be the garments that would be sold)

Inspiration: Liz Claiborne (over all feel) Du champ astronomy Dada (everything)

tabloiddesignboardlizClaiborne by you.lettersizelizastronomy by you.

Inspiration: Shell (silhouette) and nudibranch (textile and placement) 1800 references (details) FALL

tabloidshellboard by you.

lettersizeshell by you.

Inspiration: Chameleon (silhouette, texture, details, color) chain (details color)

tabloidchameleon by you.

lettersizechameleon by you.


Eline said...

Your inspirations are so beautiful and your designs are even more so! Plus, there's a really lovely sense of creativity in them. I honestly find them gorgeous. I wish I could give you constructive criticism but I just worship you. Alas! XD

Heidi said...

Hurry! I need to buy the yellow dress in the middle from the Summer collection..;) Good work.

What we four say said...

Extreme Beauty!! You are so creative!

harps said...

wow, you've clearly been working very hard. The Summer dress on the far right looks astounding. And the shell outfits are so unique!

Mars said...

These are so lovely! What a talent you have!

Caitlin said...


fatmoss said...

so good ly

i would wear this stuff girl


kimvee said...

These inspiration collages are awesome, I absolutely love them. So colorful & creative :)

louise or valentine said...

i love the influences of your designs and the sense of color! my only critique is that the spring clothes seem a bit too similar while summer and winter show some similarities and sense of design- as in, they are both obviously by the same designer and collection- but i'm not sure if it is the flow of the dresses and skirts or the color, or just that there are two dresses, one skirt combination.
anywho, just a suggestion!

Anonymous said...

I think the Fall designs are definitely the strongest. I love things I have never seen before and that rolling ruffle around the single leg is really interesting and a fresh idea! I think that concept should be your signature, you should totally claim it before someone else does and perhaps carry the idea throughout all of the collections in a more subtle way. Great job!
From Erin

shewearsclothes said...

The last one, I really like. The chain-skirt-dress especially! Perhaps the first one, you could carry the little multi-colored dot motif further, so that the dots look less arbitrary. All of them are really lovely. I agree that the ruffle going around the leg in your seashell one is really darling and clever. I would wear any one of these designs, I honestly would!


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