Sunday, August 30, 2009

sailboats flea markets and live dragonfly brooches

sail boats and fish

IMG_5018 by you.IMG_5027 by you.IMG_5022 by you.

flea market outfiit
flea market buddy
and ridiculously cute puppy

IMG_5041 by you.IMG_5042 by you.IMG_5038 by you.

the dragonfly wanted to be my brooch
she wouldn't come off

IMG_5016 by you.
IMG_5015 by you.

IMG_5013 by you.


harps said...

oh my god! I am terrified of dragonflies. One tormented me as small child and its haunted me ever since....I can't even look at the those pictures! Everything else is just lovely though, esp the puppy.

Caitlin said...

OMG is that her puppy?!! It's soooo cute!


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