Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paris June 20-23 2009

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I never did my post about Paris

when we arrived
we were stuck on the train for 2 hours

IMG_3276 by you.

IMG_3284 by you.IMG_3269 by you.IMG_3281 by you.

I found this lovely vintage shop!
the owner was very nice
I bought a 1930's little girl crinoline

IMG_3294 by you.IMG_3292 by you.IMG_3288 by you.IMG_3290 by you.IMG_3291 by you.IMG_3287 by you.

found this adorable bike!!

IMG_3301 by you.IMG_3303 by you.

I love the way the french wrap things
IMG_3309 by you.

If I ever get to choose
the facade of my imaginary
future house
This is what it would look like
hell maybe Ill buy it!!!!
( in my imaginary future)

IMG_3319 by you.IMG_3321 by you.IMG_3324 by you.

I lived in Paris for 3 years
and i never went to the Giant graveyard
I did this visit
and I was obsessed by the ceramic flowers!!!
What a ingenious idea, no watering or wilting
I guess the french thought
there was enough death in the graveyard
to begin with

IMG_3341 by you.IMG_3338 by you.IMG_3337 by you.IMG_3363 by you.IMG_3364 by you.IMG_3335 by you.IMG_3371 by you.


IMG_3374 by you.
IMG_3375 by you.
I came just in time for fete de la music
My friend Marilou is in a brass band
I watched her play all night

IMG_3400 by you.IMG_3386 by you.

My friend Sahar
trying on all my hats
while I pack to go home :(
IMG_3425 by you.IMG_3432 by you.IMG_3435 by you.IMG_3442 by you.IMG_3440 by you.

last picture I took
Marilou hanging out in her adorable kitchen

IMG_3462 by you.

I was really sad because one of the days I forgot my camera the whole day!
besides shopping in cool thrift stores with Marilou I met fellow blogger Olivia
who was a really amazing person. She took me to a great restaurant and, then we spent the rest of the evening searching through 3 bars including a typewriter themed bar. They were all closed except for one and I spent my last night in Paris having a blast!!! I hope that she changes her mind and stays in Paris until I get there!!!


willawisp said...

You lived in Paris? I'm so jealous - I love Paris :) Great photos and outfits :)

Olivia said...

i will never forget that woman with the high eyebrows...she is forever ingrained in my brain.

come back!!!!!
and where is that vintage store?

Shannon said...


i wish i coulda seen her play!

Kerry Lockwood said...

Just wondering where that vintage store is? I'm off in September!

Also - did you receive those photos I sent you? :-)

Isabel said...

When I was in Paris, I love going to all the Depot-Ventes. Good memories!


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