Friday, September 5, 2008

Estonia, Tallin 15 2008

outfit of the day

all about snails and swirls

yellow turban
wicker swirl with black flowers
purchased at Play It Again Sam

star fish earrings
snail pin
provided by Pierre's mom

of course we match!

Inspiring moments:

Not so sneaky street fashion pics

I'm sorry I'm so behind on my trip pictures, it was a month long trip after all. Once I catch up I'll be putting back to school stuff, and my new ebay purchases up. But I'm afraid Latvia and Sweden pictures are the next posts we have to look forward to :)


Anonymous said...

You not only have great clothes, your headgears are so fascinating! A yellow turban! Who would have thought?

Did you make that dress yourself?

ldvnicole said...

I would have made it, but H&M made it first, no labor sometimes is ideal:)


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